Customer Care Guidance Notes

This guide explains what is covered within our customer care charter

Defect liability period

Under the defect liability period, which extends for two years from the settlement date, Queensberry Properties will remedy any defect or damage to your home that is caused by faulty workmanship or materials.

We recommend, however, that your home is carefully run-in in order to minimise any potential problems. Please refer to the leaflet entitled ‘Introduction to Your New Queensberry Home’.

If you do encounter any problems, Queensberry Properties endeavours to offer three levels of support as outlined below:

Emergency Situations

  • Loss of heat, power or water not caused by the supplier.
  • Water leak – if it cannot be contained and is causing damage, especially if it is penetrating into an electrical fitting.
  • Blocked drain – foul water drain causing flooding to overflow internally or externally.
  • Windows and external doors – a faulty lock or jamming causing total loss of security.
  • Toilet not flushing or blocked (where house contains only one toilet).

We endeavour to respond to these items within 24 hours.

Urgent Situations

  • Power failure – where there is only a partial power loss, i.e. to some sockets but not all.
  • Toilet not flushing or blocked (where house contains more than one toilet).

We endeavour to respond to these items within 7 days.

Non-Urgent Situations

  • Cosmetic defects (reported at settlement).
  • Other problems, e.g. general roofing problems, dripping taps, doors or windows requiring easing, creaking floorboards.

These items will be attended to upon receipt of the Customer Service Record Form or at a mutually agreed time following the reported defect.


We do not hide anything. Here is what our customer care service DOES NOT cover:

  • Problems with, or arising from, workmanship, or materials or appliances which were brought to the property by the owners or occupiers or which have subsequently been added to the property.
  • Situations caused by storm damage or by accidental damage, negligence, abuse or poor maintenance of the property.
  • Any cosmetic defects to decoration, tiling, ceilings, kitchen units, worktops, sinks, sanitaryware, glass or other items which are not reported on the welcome meeting form or customer settlement inspection form.
  • Any problems caused by natural shrinkage or condensation (refer to Introduction to Your New Queensberry Home leaflet).
  • We will not remedy items arising from difference in natural material such as shading in bricks, roughcast, slabs, etc.
  • We will not repair or replace items covered under manufacturer warranties, e.g. boilers, cookers, washing machine, fridge freezers, hobs, hoods or showers. Purchasers are responsible for completing
    any guarantees provided and should refer to the terms of the warranty documents to identify the period of cover (usually one year) and to the servicing obligations. Any problems encountered with these items should be addressed to the manufacturer under
    the terms of their warranty in the first instance.
  • We will not remedy infestations of any kind unless these were clearly present at time of completion or arise as a direct result of defects in workmanship.
  • Grass/turf laid by us is the responsibility of the new owner. Grass and planting should be watered in dry, warm weather.
  • We will not replace/repair external finishes subject to staining, e.g. oil stains on driveways or heavy vehicles cracking the slabs.
  • We will not remedy items arising from the lifestyle of those living in the home, e.g. condensation, discolouring of surfaces.
  • We will not adjust clearances under doors unless outwith guidance levels. We will not adjust clearances under doors after clients have fitted their own flooring.
  • We do not warrant that shower screens, where provided, are 100% waterproof. Customers are advised that these mechanisms serve as water deflectors and we will not be liable for water ingress or egress unless it is the result of a defect.
  • We are not responsible for vandalism or damage caused beyond the date of settlement. This should be covered by the homeowner's insurance.
  • We are not responsible for works carried out or for damage caused by any of our sub-contractors directly employed by the homeowner. We are not responsible for works carried out or for damage caused by any of our sub-contractors or warranty providers directly instructed or employed by the homeowner.
  • If we are required to undertake work that does not qualify as a defect within our customer care guidance criteria, a fee may be levied. Please note this also applies to any out of hours contractors that are requested to attend by the client for an item that is not a defect.
  • We will not be liable for the cost of any damage to floor coverings whatsoever which require to be lifted and re-laid in order to effect any remedial works unless we have provided and installed such coverings.

Please note, to allow our contractors to attend to your reported routine matters, reasonable access must be provided within normal working hours.