Customer Care Charter

This is our Customer Care Charter. It sets out our commitment to provide information on the progress of your new home, a high quality service and robust procedures.

  • We will treat our customers fairly and provide clear and transparent information.
  • We will assist our customers in respect of questions, choices and options throughout the purchase process.
  • We will provide our customers with information about the completion and occupation dates of the property and will endeavour to ensure that these dates are as accurate as possible.
  • Once a completion date is set, we will endeavour to ensure that the property is completed on time, that transfer of ownership takes place and that the functions and facilities of the property are adequately demonstrated to our customers.
  • We will provide our customers with reliable information about the Buildmark Cover from the NHBC (or the policy of any other warranty provider as appropriate), along with details of any other cover from which they will benefit.
  • We will provide our customers with health and safety advice to reduce the risk of danger on a building site and in the use of their property.
  • We will inform our customers clearly about the after sales service that we will provide for a stated period after completion, and our target response times. Our aim is to deal effectively both with emergencies and routine service matters.
  • We will display the Consumer Code for Home Builders and give our customers a copy, without charge, if requested. We will automatically give customers a copy of the Consumer Code if they reserve a property. We will also inform our customers where further guidance is available and how this can be obtained.
  • We will tell our customers whom to contact if they believe we have not satisfactorily fulfilled our charter commitments.